Alex Jones, the Conspiracy theorist that knows “everything” except the Council for National Policy (CNP): The front group for Christian Reformation and Dominionism

In 2011, Alex Jones the conspiracy theorist that paints evil bankers as the reason for the coming New World Order has not done too much research on the Christian, Conservative right-wing extremist organization called the CNP.

In this interview with Charlotte Iserbyt (who got a little too close to some truth in the Reagan Administration, working on education systems and was fired), Iserbyt draws attention to Alex Jones and suggests the CNP is dangerous and behind the troubles we are experiencing with the European Union and the NAU, and warned the CNP to get the US out of the UN. 
Little did she know at the time that the reason she did not get response from the members (300) of the CNP that she sent information to on schools, that they were in on a little party of their own - - the adoption of the merger of church and state.
Listen to this with my commentary explaining the purpose of the interview.
To my knowledge, Alex Jones has not researched into this group to date, and we can tell why - - because he works for the organization directly or indirectly.
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