Taking Dominion of the Earth: The Overthrow of Global Democracy

The Dominion theocrats that are the New World Order are not invisible.

Since the speech of George H.W. Bush on 911 in the year 1991, he assured those watching that there would be a New World Order, with the rule of law, not the law of the jungle. 
This "law", according to the Dominionists is Old Testament Biblical Law.
To overtake the world and create a one world government and one world religion, they would need to infiltrate what they describe as the Seven Mountains of Culture (Mandate).
This would therefore be a slow and insidious process that would not come with a bang as many would tend to believe. A financial collapse is a worldy event, but the New World Order is a Spiritual takeover, as people will willingly believe and enthusiastically support the False Messiah.
To do so, media influence, church, state, and education among other things would need to be slowly changed right under our noses, as the media guard and alternative media sources would try to confuse and divide the masses so there would be searching in all the wrong places, the bogeymen that would suddenly take over.
Little did we know, when the Christian, American president told us who they were, we would be deceived, and be blind to the very people right before our eyes, who are responsible for the takeover of our democracy as we know it.
On today's audio podcast, we delve into the spiritual battle that is the New World Order.
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