Ted Cruz: Selling you on the False Outsider

All along we have suspected the Ted Cruz "outsider". His past relationships with the Bush Dynasty, and his wife Heidi's connections with the "vipers and snakes" at the Council on Foreign Relations was bad enough. Heidi being on the North American Union task force where her recommendation was for private corporation (fascism) to control the region especially suspect.

But it got to a whole new level with father promoting Ted as the annointed Dominionist king. Like George W. Bush before him, Ted IS to become the next annointed one to lead them further down the "take dominion of the world" trail.

So, the theater began long ago. They made him look like an outsider, especially when it was found out by John Q. Public on his past allegiances with the Bush family. Now Neil Bush is helping his campaign, but so what, you are to buy the story that only he and The Donald are outsiders. Are you buying it? Some aren't, and I am surely not.

On today's podcast, we continue the warning.

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